Tuesday, January 15, 2013

White Wife Black Cock Phonesex

Hello to all the hot wife lovers!
Lately, this hot wife has been spending way too many nights alone, and that's not a situation that I enjoy. 
 My cuckold husband has been and will be out of town a lot longer than I thought he would be, and I get so bored!
Of course, I am well stocked with every sex toy possible, anal beads, double headed dildo, even an e-z rider ball, but it's just not the same as getting my slut wife pussy fucked by big black cock.
Some of my girls who are in the same boat talked me into going to one of the local dive bars for some drinks and pool.
Lots of shots later, there were lots of contenders for my next big black bull.
One of the players was coming on really strong, feeling all over my round ass in that tight little skirt,hands on my hips pulling me against his big black cock through his sweatpants.
Pushing me against the wall in a dark corner, he fingered my wet cunt through my teeny panties.
God, I nearly came right there on his fingers!
Sliding his fingers right between those wet pussy lips, he told me he was taking me home, and with weak legs, all I could do was stumble after him!
In his car, he stripped off my sopping wet panties, and told me my panties and my bald pussy were now his.
Taking him up to my bedroom, as he's fucking me with my thick ass up in the air and his black cock balls deep inside me, and of course, that is when my cuckold husband calls.
I don't know who came more or harder that night, my big black bull, my wet white pussy, or my cuckold husband listening in, but I do know that I can not wait for round two.
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Friday, June 29, 2012

I love black cock..............

Got to love a cuckold husband who appreciates a hot wife who fucks nigger dick, yes?
When you are working, do you ever wonder just what you loving wife does all day?
When you look at this body, you just know this hot wife spends hour after hour, day after day in the gym.
You know one of the reasons I spend so much time there?
In a tight sports bra and short shorts, running on the treadmill, downward dog on the mat, bending over to select the perfect weight, swinging a kettlebell, I get a lot of attention from all the big black cock possessing gym rats.
C'mon, girls look too.
And when my husband is away, this hot slut wife will play.
How about my loving cuckold husband decides to surprise me at the gym, and follows his hot wife into the locker room?
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Creampie Cuckold Wanted

It's early morning here, and I had a rocking weekend full of big fat nigger cock.
This redhead cuckold queen is just dripping creampie jizz out of every hole
Got to love having a cuckold husband who spends a lot of time away from home, out on the road.
Gives me all sort of time to get up to my sexually deviant adventures.
Want to join me?
Just think about this busty redhead with that fire crotch all spread open, my fingers showing you that leaking cum, all swollen and sore.
Makes your mouth water, doesn't it?
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Brandy Duran
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

What is the most sexually degrading act a cuckold performs?

Do you have a fetish?
I do.
I am a total anal whore
See that thick round ass?
High, tight, round bubble butt?
Totally feminine.
My thick hot wife ass is made for a big black cock to fuck.
And made for a cuckold to worship.
I love to be penetrated by big black cock, double stuffed pussy and ass, while you are under me, cuckold.
How humiliating would it be for you, cuckold, to watch your pretty wife take a big black cock up my round ass?
Cuckold creampie dripping out of that hot wife pussy onto those big heavy black balls, salty sweat cum that tastes so good.
And you want to make your hot wife happy, don't you?
Do anything to get closer to my thick ass?
Lick my anal cuckold creampie?
Be my cum toilet, cuckold.
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cuckold Stories Phonesex

Cuckold Stories Phonesex is what I call the sweet nothings I whisper in my small white penis cuckold husband's ear after I have spent a night out with him, satisfying my black cock cuckold phonesex obsession.
I do care about my cuckold husband's feelings, just as he knows that what is most important to us is my sexual satisfaction.
The kind of sexual satiation that can only be quenched by indulging in black cock cuckolding phonesex.
My cuckold husband helps me get dressed for one of my black cock cuckold phonesex escapades by setting out my sensual lingerie, by assisting me with my make-up and body preparation, even chauffeuring me to one of my cuck and bull parties.
He knows that his small white penis cuckold humiliation is imminent, and that is what his sweet little impotent cuckold husband self craves.
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